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2018 Field Player Statistical Leaders

Scope: Statewide Leaders

Stats are compiled from the game reports filed by the individual coaches. At this time not all coaches are reporting complete stats. If you believe a stat is incorrect, check the teams stats page and report which games have discrepancies. A minimum of 20 points is required to make this list.

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1. Cardona, UlyssesAllan Hancock15333
2. Gamez, AdrianSanta Barbara11224
3. Muntari, AmeyawuSanta Barbara8622


1. Hill, KeyonnaLos Angeles Pierce College29563
2. Cruz, GisellLos Angeles Pierce College211961
3. Haydaree, MarjanDiablo Valley23753
 Viana, IsabellaSanta Barbara22953
5. Ascencio, BelindaHartnell181450
6. Quintero, ArianaClovis171347
7. Her, JaySan Joaquin Delta141442
 Wallace, AshleyWest Valley18642
9. Millan, DianaLos Angeles Pierce College52838
10. Giamona, MeghanLas Positas131036
11. Saelee, DestinyButte13834
12. Tijerino-Santos, SavannahAmerican River14533
13. Chavez, Shelsin West Los Angeles15232
 Lamaack, ClaudiaButte13632
 Meza, JaylinSan Joaquin Delta12832
16. Mederos, Kimberly Southwestern14331
17. Bakideh, AlhanFolsom Lake13329
 Schouten, AshleeSanta Barbara61729
19. Samaniego, PaolaLas Positas91028
 Scott, Sarah Folsom Lake10828
 Spitzer, Riley Folsom Lake11628
22. Dungan, SavannahClovis9927
 Thompson, Emma Folsom Lake71327
24. Castillo, MiaClovis10626
 Silva, TatianaAllan Hancock13026
26. Stahl, AlexisButte10525
27. Aguila , Damaris Southwestern9624
28. Christmann, CorrineFolsom Lake9523
29. Cline, AveenaSan Joaquin Delta9422
 Hopwood, HollyWest Valley9422
 Mercado, IleanaCity College of San Francisco51222
 Partida, AlondraHartnell7822
 Ramirez, CindyGolden West9422
 Staples, NailahSan Joaquin Delta61022
35. Gardina, MelisaCity College of San Francisco9321
 McClure, RachelGolden West8521
 Moore, RileySanta Barbara7721
38. Cooper, KaiAmerican River7620
 Hernandez, ShadyClovis7620
 Hobbs, TaylorFullerton8420


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